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Caversham Horticultural Society


Jubilee Shield - Most points Sections A, B and C

Ford Silver Challenge Cup - Most points Section A (Vegetables)

Parson Silver Challenge Cup - Most points Section B (Fruit)

Society Silver Challenge Cup - Most points Section C (Flowers)

Balmore Cup - Most points Section D (Novice)

Whiskin Cup - Most points Section E (Domestic)

Handicraft Cup - Most Points Section G (Handicraft)

Devon Cup - Most points Section H (Floral Art)

Children's Cup - Most points in Section I (Children's)

McCartney Cup - Most points in sections D or I (Novice and Children's)

Bob Turner Challenge Cup - Winner Class 66

Ted Tiffen Cup - Winner Class 67

Reading Festival Cup for Roses - Best Rose exhibit

Voyle Cup - Best exhibit Classes 30-33 (Dahlias)

National Dahlia Society Medal - Most points Classes 30-33 (Dahlias)

Bert Goodson Trophy - Best exhibit whole show

Silver Salver - Most points in whole show

Berkshire Horticultural Federation Certificates for :

    - best exhibit of vegetables

    - best exhibit of fruit

    - best exhibit of pot plants

    - best exhibit of flowers

Royal Horticultural Society Banksian Medal - exhibitor gaining most prize money in sections A - C, excluding winners in 2012 - 2014

Show Rules

ALL CLASSES - except listed below 

1st   -    1.00          2nd    -    60p         3rd    -    40p

BOB TURNER CUP   1st     -    5.00   2nd    -    3.00   3rd    -    2.00

TED TIFFEN CUP     1st     -    5.00   2nd    -    3.00   3rd    -    2.00

CHILDREN'S CUP     1st   -      5.00     2nd  -    3.00    3rd    -    2.00  

Show Rules

1. Entries will be accepted from any member of the society, but no exhibitor may stage more than 1 entry in any 1 class from the same garden except for FLORAL ART and DOMESTIC.

2. All exhibits in the VEGETABLE, FRUIT and FLOWERS sections must have been grown by the exhibitor.

3. All POT PLANTS must have been in the possession of the exhibitor for at least TWO months before the show.

4. Member means paid-up member, husband or wife or child directly related to the member.

5. All entries must be received by the show secretary not later than three days before the show.  Please check entry forms as mistakes cannot be later rectified.

6. Entry fee is 20p per class.  Later entries will be accepted, except for Classes in Floral Art (those requiring a niche), at 40p per class before 11am on the day of the show.

7. The judges decision is final.  Prize money or awards may be withheld of exhibits are considered to be unworthy of the prize offered.

8. The show is open from 9am for staging.  An exhibitors card must be obtained from the show secretary and placed face down with each exhibit.  Please name varieties where possible.

9. Judging will commence at 12pm, only authorised persons allowed in the marquee during judging.

10. Prize money will be paid from 3:30pm onwards, society awards will be presented from 4.15pm after the raffle.

11. Containers will NOT be supplied for FLORAL ART, in other sections vases will be provided and must be used.

12. All exhibits in sections A, B, C, D and F will be donated to a local charity unless an offer is made to purchase or previously reserved.  Sections E, G, H and I and Classes within Section C which are Pot Plants will automatically be reserved and not sold.  A charge of 20p per exhibit will be made to reserve exhibits, exhibitors should ensure the cards are stamped on the reverse side to show reservations.  The auction will be held after the trophy presentation.  Exhibitors may not remove their exhibits until 4pm.

13.  Points are awarded on the basis of 5 points for first, 3 points for second and one point for third.  In the event of a tie, the award will be given to the exhibitor with the most first prizes in the sections.

14. All cups will be held for one year and should be returned to the show secretary by 21st July 2016.

15. A novice is a person not having won more than 3 first prizes in the same section in any of our previous shows.

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